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One liner current affairs: Jagran Josh presents current affairs in one line. In today’s session, get briefings about the important topics such as T20 World Cup 2024 logo, new Chief Minister of Telangana, Garba dance, TIME ‘Person of the Year’ etc.

1. ‘Mera Gaon, Meri Dharohar’ project is being run by which ministry – Ministry of Culture

2. Who has been named ‘Person of the Year’ by Time Magazine – Taylor Swift

3. ICC launches new logo of T20 World Cup 2024, where will it be organized – West Indies and USA

4. ‘Marapi’ volcano has recently erupted, in which country is it located – Indonesia

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5. Who has been chosen as ‘CEO of the Year’ by Time Magazine – Sam Altman

6. Who has become the first Indian to operate NASA’s Mars Rover – Akshata Krishnamurthy

7. Who has taken oath as the new Chief Minister of Telangana- Anumula Revanth Reddy

8. Garba dance was included in the list of UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’, it belongs to which state – Gujarat

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